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If you know of a useful or interesting shorthand-related site which isn't listed, please let me know!  E-mail me with the URL and I'll add it.


Angelfishy is an excellent site devoted to Gregg shorthand.  For those who want to download a complete Anniversary Gregg shorthand manual, this is the place to do it!

There is an on-line group dedicated to Gregg shorthand: Chat, interact, and post questions about all the flavors of Gregg.  It's a fun group (and, yes, I am a member)!


Long Live Pitmans Shorthand is a New-Era Pitman with comprehensive information about shorthand.

The Joy of Pitman Shorthand  A wonderful site dedicated to Pitman shorthand.  Pierre does an excellent job covering the subject.  Pierre has also posted a three-part video ( which explains the Pitman system in 25 minutes total.

Personal Shorthand is a system which uses alphabetic characters to reduce the writing load.  You can check it out at

HandyWrite is another shorthand system, part of which is based on Gregg.

In the interest of presenting as many systems as possible, I'll include the site for EasyScript, although I personally don't think it gives a fair assessment of symbol systems (one does not need to memorize 30,000 distinct forms!) and I have a rough time understanding how their system yields a correct transcript (looks like words are chopped to the point of non-recognition).

Keyscript, developed by Janet Cheeseman, may be seen at her site.  It's an alphabetic system based on Pitman shorthand which can be keyboarded or written and boasts a 60% saving on writing time.

Alpha Shorthand is yet another alpha system.  The system developer believes it to have a top speed of 125 or so.  The big selling point is that it can be learned in 15 minutes per lesson or about 3 hours in total.


Here's a site everyone who loves shorthand and shorthand history will find fascinating:  The University of California has digitized MANY old shorthand texts which are no longer under copyright.  You can print old texts for free or just browse through them.  You'll find lots of information on how to learn shorthand and how to write at high speeds.


National Court Reporters' Association  A site run by professional court reporters.

National Verbatim Reporters Association

American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers


StenoSpeed has free practice dictation.

For those interested in learning Pitman 2000, here's a site which claims it can teach it in (**gasp**) 15 days:  I have my doubts--15 days is awfully short!

For Gregg Centennial, there's Universal Classes.

If you're near the Bishopsgate Institute in Liverpool Street, London, stop by the International Phonographic Society where live dictation is offered from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday evenings during the semester for a nominal charge.  Ask about their quarterly journal as well.  Visit

Consider this site if you're trying to select a system: Learning to Write Shorthand.

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