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Self-Dictation Speedbuilding Sheets

    Self-dictation sheets are used to build shorthand vocabularly and shorthand speed without the aid of a dictator or of shorthand speed tapes.  They are self-paced allowing for the out-of-practice writer or the pro to pause as necessary to check an outline.  Of course, the self-dictation sheet may be copied or reprinted and used as often as necessary to building confidence and shorthand speed.

    A sample of a speedbuilding sheet appears to the right.  You write your shorthand directly on the sheet itself, over the printed words.  The self-dictation material is provided as a Word document; pages can be printed as desired and they can be printed as often as necessary.  Full instructions are given on the first page of the document.

    This self-dictation file is currently being offered FREE OF CHARGE if you'll just write to me with an e-mail address.  Basic Course in Pitman Shorthand, 1946, was the text transcribed for these self-dictation sheets.  Writers of any system can benefit from this material.  There are 50 lessons in all and the material is graded.  In other words, the vocabulary builds.  Give them a try and see what you think.

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