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    Clickable dictation at various speeds is available at the bottom of this page. The transcript of the dictation appears here as well.

   Only a few more lessons left in this book before we move on either to another book or to another type of exercise. I haven't quite decided yet. Perhaps it's time for a change. . . .

Shorterhand Skills for the Future, Pitman Publishing Corporation, 1974, p 197, 202, and 207

Speed Building Practice

Gentlemen:  Your representative in this building called on us yesterday to tell us about the advantages of signing a new lease with your company at this time.  From the information that he gave us, it would not be difficult for us to make an immediate decision in the matter.  However, we cannot sign a contract without the approval of our home office and it is not their policy to sign a new lease until the expiration of the old one.
            It has occurred to us that we can get in touch with them within the next few days and asks them to make an exception in this case.   Very truly yours,

* * * * *

Gentlemen:  Our company is interested in making several improvements in our office and we have been informed that your organization has done many jobs like this in the past in an efficient manner.
            We had expected to have the job done at the end of this year but circumstances made it impossible for us to begin building up to the present time.
            As we are in the advertising business, it will be necessary to have some of the work done after office hours during the week and the balance over the weekend.  If these conditions are satisfactory to you and you can obtain the necessary insurance, we shall be ready to go ahead with the job immediately.  Very truly yours,

* * * * *

Gentlemen:  I have been informed that the present shortage of houses represents an unusually fine opportunity for investing in mortgages.  I would, therefore, like to make a small investment at this time.  At the present time, I have some money invested but the character of these investments is such that in my opinion they will never bring a large return.  I hope that I will be able to exchange my present investments for those in mortgages which are generally expected to pay a larger return.
            I should like to know the regular terms of investment in your firm so that I may know whether I wish to become a member of your group.  Please let me know as soon as possible whether you have any particular investment opportunities for me.  Yours truly,

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Instructions for Self-Dictation Practice:
    Copy and paste the above article into a word-processing document, using double or triple spacing and 12- or 14-pitch type.
    As always, be sure to check your shorthand dictionary for correct outlines before "drilling"!

Dictation Practice:
    Note that the material was counted and recorded for dictation at 100; all other speeds were copied from the 100 take and electronically adjusted and may therefore sound unusual.

60 wpm 80 wpm 100 wpm 120 wpm 140 wpm

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